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At Diamantine, we’re always looking out for the perfect locations to stock our collections. Add statement prints, luxurious fabrics and unique styles season after season to your store and join the Diamantine family, injecting a touch of Moroccan-inspired style to your range.

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Our Story

The story behind Diamantine is a huge part of what makes the brand so special. With decades of experience creating clothing and accessories in Morocco, the business behind the brand has seen growth across the world as one of Morocco’s leading labels.

Diamantine is dedicated to promoting Moroccan style in a contemporary market. This means that with each collection, not only do we promise a commitment to bringing you beautiful quality pieces in luxe fabrics, but we also work towards a multicultural fashion industry that boasts equality, representation and acceptance.

A Global Brand

Diamantine UK and USA are newly launched and exciting parts of the brand. With the opening of retail outlets across the world from Dubai to Canada, adding Diamantine to your store’s collections is the perfect way to be a part of this global brand.

With nearly 100 thousand followers looking at the global Diamantine Instagram alone, the UK platform has been steadily growing since its launch. Collaborations with influencers, reality stars and fashionistas have already seen great success, proving that this is a label far beyond simply Moroccan and Middle Eastern style.

We want to drape our customers in the elegance of our collections. If you’d like to do the same for your customers, we’re ready to support you with a partnership that adds so much more than just a new collection to your business.

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