A Look at Our Traditional Moroccan Wear

Add A Moroccan Twist to Your Wardrobe This Season


Feel like adding a touch of traditional Moroccan style to your wardrobe this season? That’s exactly where our collection of traditional Moroccan Wear comes in! And we’re obsessed with our chic and modern take on the classics.


If you’re not sure about which styles would work for you or what the names actually mean, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re taking a quick look through our Moroccan Wear collections and letting you know the deets.



 women's djellaba robe dress

One of our most popular traditional Moroccan pieces is the djellaba. A djellaba is a hooded robe or dress and it’s the long loose hood that makes it particularly traditional. A djellaba can be both long and short-sleeved and both full-length or a shorter more midi length.


With North African roots, a djellaba is a Moroccan style robe or dress that can be layered or worn simply, perfect for the warmer months too. Discover both very simple silhouettes and finishes in the Diamantine djellaba collection as well as more elaborate pieces with embroidery and embellishment detailing.



 women's Gandoura  

A super loose-fit maxi dress with a Moroccan edge are gandouras. This very modest look can be styled both casually and often, more dressed up so is a versatile choice as a wardrobe addition. With both short sleeve and long sleeve styles, a gandoura has a simple and flowing silhouette, usually cut in a lightweight and floaty fabric. Similar to a kaftan or abaya, this traditional look is popular for its modest style and versatility.



women's orange lebssa maxi dress

A dressier version of traditional Moroccan wear, lebbsas are the perfect way to dress up with a Moroccan twist. Often a layered look, lebssas are usually full-length dresses or gowns with coordinating belts to allow you to cinch the waist and create a little more shape. Lebssas are usually found in more formal fabrics, such as lightweight chiffon or silk for summer or heavier velvets for the colder months.



women's jabador set


Jabadors are a traditional outfit, much like a co-ord set but with a distinctive Moroccan twist. Often a two or even three-piece outfit that works together but can be worn separately too, jabadors are matching and usually fairly casual. Often finished with traditional Moroccan embroidery detailing, they feature a loose-fitting top with harem style trousers and sometimes a cape, jacket or sleeveless jacket over the top.



 women's Moroccan selham cape


Lastly, discover the Diamantine collection of women’s selhams. A selham is a long Moroccan piece of clothing, very like a cape. A selham is designed to layer over special occasion wear and other traditional clothing but these days, they also look great worn in a contemporary way, over anything from dresses to jeans.


A selham is usually made in a lightweight fabric that is cut loosely around the body, designed to drape over your look and make a chic sartorial statement.



Add some traditional Moroccan wear to your wardrobe this summer and embrace a stylish, timeless and classic new look for every occasion.